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See Ya Later Andy


According to our friends over at Ultimate FIFA, controversial ex-commentator Andy Gray is set to be given his marching orders from the FIFA franchise.

Whilst the news comes from a “source at EA”, It’s not 100% confirmed, but it does make sense. He has already been relieved of his duties at Sky Sports and EA will want to keep the relationship they have with the broadcaster sweet, considering it means that their branding appears on all televised Premier League games. Although that’s already “backfired”.

The source states:

“They’re [EA] slightly concerned that people will be put off buying FIFA 12 if Andy Gray is still a commentator after his sexist claims were deemed unacceptable.”

So it looks like the end of the road for poor, rich, Andy. Shame really, he seems like such a nice bloke…


I know it’s old but it still tickles me.

So what does this mean for FIFA12? According to the original article, Tyler is staying and Rob Hawthorne will be joining him.

Personally I think it’s brilliant if true. People often complain that the commentary isn’t fresh enough each year, but with the replacement of a commentator, we’re looking at almost a whole new library. Happy Days. Unless you’re Andy Gray.


Thomas from Media spy kindly posted an update in the comments below. In case you missed it, it reads as follows:

The source used for this article is what our journalists picked up from the FIFA development team at EA. We have verified it several times and fully believe this article to be accurate. However, the reports we received that Rob Hawthorne is to take Gray’s place are apparently incorrect, with Alan Smith now the name reaching us. We understand that another commentator who works for Sky Sports is likely to replace Gray.

Full credit to Ultimate FIFA and Thomas Ramsey-Andrews from Mediaspy for the quotes.

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