SEGA Acquire Three New Studios


SEGA Networks have been building up their portfolio with the addition of three new studios today.

The three new studios are as follows:

Founded in 2002, Demiurge Studios made the transition into mobile gaming in 2008 and found success with Marvel® Puzzle Quest™, a top 100 grossing app on the App Store and top 50 grossing on Google Play. Previously, they worked with world-class developers like BioWare™ and Irrational Games™ on AAA console and PC games. CEO Albert Reed will be joining SEGA Networks as VP of Product Management while also retaining his title of studio head. Demiurge Studios is based in the Boston area and will continue to make games under the Demiurge Studios name. Albert Reed, GM of Demiurge Studios and VP of Product Management at SEGA Networks stated:

Demiurge and SEGA share a vision for the future of mobile gaming: putting gamers first. In today’s mobile games you must listen to your players and find new ways to keep them engaged. Our success with Marvel Puzzle Quest comes from our focus on iterative design and testing, with our players in mind. Joining SEGA Networks lets us align with a truly global partner that shares our approach to design, so together we can create the kinds of entertaining, fun and engaging games we all want to make.

SEGA Networks has also made a majority investment in Ignited Artists, an independent mobile gaming studio based in San Francisco, led by chief executive Danielle Deibler, former Activision vice president Alessandro Tento, and Mobile Gaming Hall of Fame inducted-designer Scott Foe. The three gaming veterans, currently developing their debut title, combines over four decades of experience at companies like Kixeye, Big Head Mode, Nokia, Activision Blizzard, EA, Microsoft Game Studios, and SEGA. Danielle Deibler, CEO of Ignited Artists stated:

Our world-class team benefits greatly from the marketing prowess and global publishing arm of SEGA Networks. With this partnership, we have the opportunity to develop properties on our own terms alongside a partner with a proven track record and shared vision.

Rounding out the investments is a minority stake in UK-based Space Ape Games, and a partnership in which SEGA Networks helps bring select Space Ape titles to the Japanese market. SEGA Networks is a global leader in the mobile space where they have found success with games like Puyo Puyo!! Quest, Chain Chronicle, Sonic Dash™, and Crazy Taxi™ City Rush. Space Ape CEO and Founder John Earner stated:

We are delighted to partner with a company with the gaming pedigree of SEGA. Our last release, Samurai Siege, was a success in the Japanese mobile market. Japan is now our second-largest market and contributes around a third of our revenues. With SEGA Network’s experience and record of success, we are confident that Rival Kingdoms, our next game, and future titles will be able to improve upon this success.

Commenting on the addition of the three new studios, Haruki Satomi, CEO of SEGA Networks commented:

We’re constantly evaluating the independent mobile game space for studios that fit our vision of fun, high-quality gameplay experiences. Demiurge underscores our commitment to investing in the West and complements our current roster of US and European mobile studios, including Three Rings and Hardlight. In addition, our strategic investments in Ignited Artists and Space Ape Games solidifies our commitment to publishing quality games across the globe.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new studios that SEGA Networks have acquired via the comment section below.

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