SEGA Announce Super Monkey Ball For PlayStation Vita


After accidentally letting a bunch of screenshots slip out via their own Flickr account over the weekend, SEGA have officially announced Super Monkey Ball for the PlayStation Vita.

The new game has been specifically designed to play off of the unique features of the Vita according to SEGA, who have promised new worlds, original mini games and updated graphics. The game will also feature four-player multiplayer over wi-fi that will please many fans of the party pleasing shenanigans the game has often offered in the past.

Gary Knight (SEGA Europe marketing) had the following to say…

“Since evolving onto the current generation of consoles, the Super Monkey Ball franchise has always offered innovative game design, challenging the hardware capabilities for all the consoles it has released on”

“Super Monkey Ball on PlayStation Vita is a great opportunity to experience the exciting features that the PlayStation Vita offers, and the SEGA development team are bringing an exciting new experience whilst staying true to the franchise”


Super Monkey Ball is set for release in early 2012, while the PlayStation Vita is set for some announcements at a pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference.  Find out more about it here.

Source: CVG

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