SEGA Release Another Impressive Binary Domain Cutscene


SEGA has today released another custscene from their upcoming squad-based third-person shooter, Binary Domain. We don’t want to get you too excited, but the cutscene is even more impressive than the previous one.

Titled “Slum Kids”, the engrossing cutscene follows Dan and Big Bo’, who have fought their way into Tokyo’s rain soaked underground. Home to the poorest citizens of the city, it is here Dan and Bo come face-to-face with the first truly human element of their struggle.

Even if you’re not really interested in Binary Domain (shameful), we recommend taking a look at the cutscene below and, who knows, your interest levels might just pick up a little. Also, don’t forget, a demo of the game is set to hit Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network today, so make sure you give that a download and get a taste of Binary Domain for yourself.


Binary Domain is set to be released in Europe on February 24th, in Australia on February 23rd and in North America on February 28th.

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