Shenmue III To Be A PS3 Exclusive?


An article has popped up over at PSX Extreme stating that rumours are flying around that Shenmue III could turn out to be a Playstation 3 exclusive. In the article, it doesn’t state that the game is a PS3 exclusive but the rumours have been going around for a while now so it would not be a massive suprise if it did indeed turn out to be exactly that. According to the article, Sega will announce the title as a PS3 exclusive at next months E3 in LA. Sega recently announced a that they had signed a license extension to use the Unreal Engine and that Shenmue III is the game in question that will use the tech. A little info was posted about Shenmue III as well which  is below-

“He shall come from a far eastern land across the sea. A young man who has yet to know his potential. This potential is a power that could either destroy him or realize his will. His courage shall determine his fate. The path he must traversed brought with adversity. I await whilst praying, for this destiny predetermined since ancient times. Awaiting in anticipation. A dragon emerges from the earth as ominous clouds fill the sky. A phoenix descends from the heavens trailing purple from its wings. The pitch-black night unfolds with the morning star as its only light. And thus, the saga begins…”

It will be interesting to see what comes of this, if indeed anything does but I know Shenmue has a huge cult following and this would be a major coup for PS3 owners if the game did indeed turn out to be a PS3 exclusive. Lets hope we hear more about this next month at E3.

Big thanks to Danny275 from WENB for the heads up.

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