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Shinji Hirano: "Expect Big Things" For PES 2015


Konami are determined to get back on the right track with PES 2015, and proof of that is evident in recent comments made by Europe head Shinji Hirano.

In a conversation with the lovely folks at MCV, Mr Hirano stated that they finally know what has been going wrong, and are ready to make a big comeback with PES 2015!

I cannot give details on exactly what we are doing with the UK studio, but they are working on the next project and looking at the needs of the European people. It’s about globalising the franchise, so it is not just being developed by Japanese people.

We know what’s been going wrong with PES, we are working on that. The next version is totally changed. 2014 is a transitional year for the franchise, so expect big things.

With PES 2015 being the first next-gen PES release, many are expecting big things already, but it’s good to see that the team know where they have been going wrong in the past and are looking to put things right. Let us know what you make of Shinji Hirano’s comments via the comment section below.

Source: VideoGamer

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