Shinji Mikami: Why the PS3 Version of Vanquish will be the Lead Platform


Legendary games director, Shinji Mikami has explained the reasons why the PS3 version will be the lead development platform over the 360 version of the game. Shinji Mikami was explaining his reasons to PSM3 and after what happened with the Bayonetta port for the PS3, it seems that developers Platinum Games do not want a repeat of this happening again as lets be honest, although the port was ok in some ways, it was not up to the standard that Mikami and his team sets thats for sure.

“The team know less about making games for PS3 than Xbox 360, so we thought the sensible thing to do was to make the game on PS3 first then move it over to Xbox,” Mikami told PSM3.

“If we can get Vanquish to a certain standard on PS3, we can make Xbox the same.”

To view the debut trailer for Vanquish, click below –

Thanks to CVG for the article and if you want to read more about Vanquish, the latest issue of PSM3 is out now.

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