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Should PES Get Tricky?


There used to be a time when any mention of tricks and skill moves sent a shiver down the backs of PES fans. It was at a time when FIFA utilised them as cheap moves to beat an opponent, during which in PES using natural movements and wrong footing an opponent was all that was needed. The idea of needing to do a trick to go past someone never sat well with most.

With us now on new platforms, and a fresh younger audience coming onto the scenes, such alliances aren’t as prominent or profound. And with FIFA setting the benchmark these days to the majority, is it time PES liberated itself and catered for the ‘Ronaldo’s and Ronaldinho’s’ of this world?

Some of you might say PES has already tried and failed. The auto trick stuff that was in PES 2009 was a disaster, always happening when you least expected it to – and when you didn’t want it to happen. In 2010 it’s improved but a long way from being perfect. Dogged with response times and odd animations it never flowed with other gameplay aspects.

Personally, the tricks felt natural and accessible when on the right stick, but with Konami trying to accommodate some form of manual passing we’ve been left with an after thought via button combinations. Personally it’s not a huge issue, as I’m not someone who uses tricks when playing PES. I can’t remember ever doing the 360 roulette on the PS2 games during a match, showboating was never my style. Saying that, the current implementation of tricks is very poor, and something needs to change.

I point you to a well thought out and well written document by freak08 in our PES 2011 feedback section (read it here). It’s a reinvention of how tricks could be performed in PES, but always keeping the natural feeling of the series at it’s core. Personally I feel it’s important to keeps tricks as a luxury than a core element in the game, anything else just wouldn’t be PES. From freak08’s document however I feel having the option to divulge caters for a whole new audience, and at the same time takes tricks off the goddamn d-pad/analogue stick!

Let us know what you think!

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