UPDATE – Skate 3: Demo Released Today


UPDATE – The Playstation Store has now been updated (UK) and the Skate 3 demo is now live.

The demo for Skate 3 is now available through Xbox Live It’s expected to hit PSN later in the day.

The 863 MB demo sounds like it’s got a lot of content. Start with the new Skate.School to learn the ropes. After that, check out some single-player and multiplayer challenges like Own the Lot and Domination. While skating around University District, you’ll be able to record yourself and share the footage with the Replay Editor. To ensure replayability, you can drag and drop objects in the environment for new trick opportunities.

I for one, cannot wait to download this, to wet your appetite, here is the Skate 3 demo trailer once again:

The full product, will be released on May 11th and on May 14th everywhere else.

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