Skate 3: Incoming Patch Detailed


Here is a post from the official Skate 3 blog, outlining what their newest patch will entail.

Yes, we have been saying we have been working on fixes for the game.  And we have.  Connectivity has been greatly improved for the majority of players (including me).  But, what you likely want to know is when the first code-side patch will drop.  After many, many hours of many, many people tackling a range of issues and tuning improvements, we now know that the first major patch will launch towards the end of this month…i.e. end of June.  We are continuing to fix issues that can be addressed “server-side” or with the website, but the major ones that take a change in code will be done going through the process later this month.

As we have always tried to be as informative and forthcoming as possible when it comes to the game and how it’s made, I’ll take a minute to explain the process.  First we need to identify the problem…and obviously a few slipped through the cracks until the stress testing of retail launch exposed them.  Next we need to reproduce it so our engineers can solve it.  Once that is done, we test the patch.  Next we submit to “first-party” (in Skate 3’s case Sony and Microsoft) so they can test, and finally we implement the patch.  In creating a patch we did, indeed, take some time so that we could address multiple issues at once.  Doing it piece-meal would be inefficient and likely mean we miss some.  Thus, the process took more time than some may like, but we are confident that it was the right decision to better the experience for more players long term.

I’ve been reticent to list which “issues” will be affected by the patch and which ones will not…mostly because if we hit yours…you’re psyched.  If we don’t hit yours, you’re bummed.  However, some that have cropped up and I know have been addressed include the filmer pack (it will be fixed for those that have already purchased it and available for those that want to purchase it), game crashes, hardcore grinds, merging objects in skate.park(!) and a host of tuning issues.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the game.  There is still tons of fun to be had as we wait for the patch…hopefully you can get some till the patch drops.

– Cuz

It’s great to see EA converse with their fans like this & it is something that I hope will be adopted by other companies.

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