Skullgirls – Project Painwheel Trailer


Autumn Games has released a brand new trailer that introduces Painwheel, one of the newest characters to grace their 2D fighter, Skullgirls.

The trailer gives us some tasty gameplay featuring the rather ill-tempered female, who’s only one of the many we’ll be able to get to grips with when Skullgirls is released early this year.

Once a normal schoolgirl named Carol, Painwheel was kidnapped by Valentine and delivered to the Anti-Skullgirls Labs’ secretive Lab Zero. There she was implanted with the synthetic Buer Drive and Gae Bolga parasites and infused with experimental Skullgirl blood, transforming her into the monster she is today. Violent and unstable as a result of these experiments, as a precaution she’s mentally controlled by Lab Zero’s powerful psychic director, Brain Drain.

With some pretty interesting character design and gorgeous visuals, we’re really looking forward to this one. Take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think via the comments section.


Skullgirls is slated for release in early 2012.

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