Smart As Announced For PlayStation Vita


Sony has announced a new “social brain-training experience” which is titled, Smart As and will be coming to the PlayStation Vita as both a retail and digital downloadable title.

The game is being developed at Sony’s XDev Europe Office and the game will offer 20 unique, engaging, tactile and highly interactive puzzle games for players to enjoy.

Assistant producer Nicolo Accordino stated via the PlayStation Blog:

“Smart As takes full advantage of PS Vita’s touchscreens, cameras and Augmented Reality capabilities to deliver Daily Training challenges featuring fun arithmetic, logic, language and observation-based puzzles, Your scores from each puzzle are used to calculate your overall Brain Power and anybody at any skill level can get in on the fun. The more you play, the better your chances are of increasing your Brain Power score and unlocking new puzzle games.”

There will also be leaderboards and Facebook integration which will allow you to share your scores with your friends. A new trailer has also been released. Let us know what you think via the comment section below.


Source: Eurogamer

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