Sneak Peek – Bodycount


Yes, it’s that time again folks. We are delighted to bring you a brand new addition to the Sneak Peek series, a video based feature we recently introduced here at NGB. If you somehow managed to miss the first one, this new feature will give you a quick look at games that are yet to be released or have just recently hit store shelves. On top of the video, our Editor-in-Chief will provide commentary on the action, giving his thoughts and detailing any features you should be aware of.

The latest game to get the NGB Sneak Peek treatment is the soon to be released, Bodycount. If you have yet to make a decision about purchasing this explosive first-person shooter from Codemasters, we’re hoping this short video will help you make your mind up.

Go on, press that play button and enjoy a Sneak Peek at Bodycount. Also, be sure to check out our review of the game which is up on the website now.


Bodycount is set to be released in Europe on September 2nd. That’s this coming Friday!

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