Sniper Elite 3 Gets First DLC Drops


505 Games have announced the first in a series of DLC drops are now available for all versions of Sniper Elite 3.

The following DLC is now available for Sniper Elite 3:

  • Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC (£6.79) poses the question; did Hitler really die in Berlin? Experience an assassination attempt like no other as you infiltrate a German stronghold, solving the riddle and taking your shot. With an expansive city environment, randomised clues and SEVEN different ways to take down Hitler, no two play throughs will be the same!
  • The Hunter Weapons Pack (£2.55) comes complete with a pack of three high power hunting weapons for use in single and multi-player modes including a SVT40 rifle, Trenchgun shotgun and Revolver M1917 pistol. 
  • The Camouflage Weapons Pack (£2.55) has three camouflaged or silenced weapons for use in single and multi-player modes including a Mosin Nagant (camo) rifle, the MP44 (camo) SMG and a high standard HDM (silenced) pistol.
  • The Allied Outfits Pack (£2.55) is a pack of characters for use in Sniper Elite’s competitive multi-player modes. The characters include Allied Urban Sniper, US Army Rifleman and Indian Division Soldier.

Let us know if you will be picking up any of the DLC mentioned above via the comment section below.

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