Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts releases November 22


Don’t expect to see it in Walmart

CI Games has just announced that Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 22nd!

The release trailer (seen below) shows off one the games new location – Black Gold. Black Gold is the 2nd of 5 locations within the SGWC and is situated around a harbour filled with all the bad guys.

SGWC focusses on more realistic gameplay and is set to even test the mettle of seasoned Sniper Ghost Warrior players. But you won’t be without aid. Contracts features an arsenal of tech to help you on your missions including a portable recon drone and the new Dynamic Reticle System which feeds back info to better help you pull off those long-range shots.

Contracts naturally allows you to take our contracts during its campaign, with each completion helping to unlock new regions to lurk and kill. If you much prefer the sandbox approach you can rest assured as each region has a series of secondary objectives which can be approached in any manner. Throw into the mix some “multiplayer options” and Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is certain to tickle the fancy of all them there violent video game fans.

Check out the release trailer below:

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