Snooker finally coming to Hustle Kings


Hustle Kings from VooFoo Studios is one PSN game that i cant praise enough. Its visually stunning, has realistic ball physics, smooth online play, clever Youtube implementation that other games should really consider and you can even listen to your own music while playing. Also this game will have Movesupport when it launches. This game has everything going for it, but if it did have flaws it would probably be the inconsistent AI and the lack of any Snooker modes.

Well the latter will no longer be a problem as XDev Studio Europe has announced that a Snooker Pack DLC will be coming to Hustle Kings on June 2. Personally this is great news to me, i play the game regularly, alone or mostly against my friends online and one thing we always wanted to do was play Snooker against each other. Now we can.

If you have never played the game but love to play pool, then i strongly recommend you purchase it from the PlayStation Store. You will be surprised how good the graphics and physics could be in a Downloadable game. Here is a trailer to give you an idea of what to expect:

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