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So What Did Seabass Say At Konami Conference?


A quickie this, with thanks to G4TV for the text.

Seabass spoke about PES 2010 at the Konami conference at Cologne, and heres what G4TV had to say about his segment:

Finally, it was time for the demonstration of Pro Evolution 2010 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Returning to Germany for the first time in three years is series creator from PES Productions, Shingo “Seabass” Takatsuka. Fans of the series know that PES (Winning Eleven for purists) has had a rough time moving into the latest generation of consoles and for the last few years, EA Sports’ FIFA has trumped as soccer fans’ favorite footie title in many different ways.

Seabass revealed that the team started the development of PES 2010 with keeping three things in mind – listening, learning and improving. This year, Seabass explained they listened to the European audience that played the demo of the title. One example of improvement he gave was new moves; PES 2010 will see an additional 300 movements and individual feint moves. A frustration he heard from users was that in controlling the ball keeper, you could only move the player in 8 directions. This is no longer the case; now, you can move in all directions freely with the controller. Due to the fact that fans want more realism from PES, the team now allows players to set formations, use play style cards, and tweak things such as support range, and attacking style by adjusting sliders, which as Seabass explained, will allow the player to feel like the team manager.

Lets hope we see a majority of what Seabass spoke about in the final build.

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