SOCOM 4 Director’s Commentary Trailer


Recently Zipper Interactive announced that SOCOM 4 was in production and that it will be released towards the end of 2010. With their recent little pieces of info about the up and coming title, they also let fans see a teaser trailer of what SOCOM 4’s story would be about. Of course its only a very short teaser trailer but even so it’s still got most Playstation 3 owners talking about the game.

Regarding the trailer that was released, there is another version thats been posted as well and it includes director’s commentary from Zipper Interactive’s creative director, Ed Byrne. Of course as expected, he doesn’t give much away which is totally understandable for a teaser trailer but for me, its great to have the option to listen to directors commentary on the trailer as it gives you the best of both worlds.

To view with SOCOM 4 trailer with “Director’s Commentary” click below –

The SOCOM 4 trailer without the “Director’s Commentary” can be found by clicking here.

Thanks to the Official US Playstation Blog for the article.

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