Sonic 4 Episode II Coming To PSN On May 16th


SEGA has announced that Sonic 4 Episode II will hit PSN on May 16th.

For those that already own the first Episode and then purchase Sonic 4 Episode II, you will receive a special bonus of having the chance to play as Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic features as a boss in the game as standard but for those that have purchased both episodes of Sonic 4, you will receive exclusive access to ‘Episode Metal’ which is a zone that tells the story of exactly what Metal Sonic got up to in Episode I. This exclusive feature is set in the world of Episode I in which you can participate  in stages that have been changed for Metal Sonic. The PSN title will cost £9.99/€12.99 when its released on May 16th and will also release alongside some Sonic PSN avatars for those that want to represent the famous blue hedgehog on their PlayStation 3. SEGA has released a trailer that features Metal Sonic which can be found below.


Source: VG247.

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