Sony: 3D Glasses Price Outlined


Here is an article detailing how much the 3D glasses you’ll need for 3D gaming – will cost;

In full glory on your PlayStation 3 games in 3D and 3D to enjoy your television, you need glasses charming. Now those models that best glasses happily sit and fine structure terms are universal, but there is a disadvantage. Of course it’s far from boring for everybody to continue to sit with glasses, but that aside. Another drawback is the price.

Yesterday at a 3D presentation of Sony let the company know that the glasses will cost around 120 euros. These glasses are sturdy in design and contain special glasses, so you can see in 3D games and believe us, you’ll need them, otherwise you are sick within one minute. Well, those glasses.You need this course and you get one with a 3D TV, but for the whole family if you should buy some glasses or all of your friends who also want to enjoy 3D games, that’s a hefty price.

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