Sony: Adding To The Playstation 3


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Some big news here, Sony and Major League Baseball have reached a deal to bring to the Playstation 3 via the Playstation Network.

The service will be added to PS3s via an app that will be available to download from the PSN Store.  Existing subscribers will just have to link their PS3 to their accounts while new viewers will have to subscribe to either the basic or premium subscription plans.  Both subscription plans offer MLB games in high-definition but the premium plan includes features like DVR controls, home and away broadcasts and the ability to watch up to four games at the same time.

The premium subscription is $119.95 for a year or $24.95 a month.  The basic subscription is $99.95 a year or $19.95 a month.  Sony Vice President Peter Dille is understandably excited about the deal.

I can’t wait for this because I will be able to check out every Met game all year long. Let’s say I was away from my PlayStation for a while, the games can be archived so I can go back and watch last week’s games. There’s a menu interface, a scrollable line score they call it, and you can go right to the part of the game that you want to see. It’s a pretty slick service.

You can watch MLB games now on your 12-inch computer monitor, but I would much rather put it on my Sony Bravia in my living room.

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