Sony Announce PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale Release Date


Fans of over-the-top fighting games rejoice! Sony has today announced the release date for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in various different regions.

The game will launch across most countries in Europe on October 24th, with the UK & Ireland getting the game on October 26th. As per usual, North American PlayStation 3 users will get their hands on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale a little earlier on October 23rd.

In addition to unveiling two new characters at E3 (Nathan Drake and Big Daddy), Sony also announced that the game would support cross-platform play with the PlayStation Vita.

Aside from making sure you’ve got your very own copy on day-one, pre-order PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and you’ll be able to get access to an exclusive set of costumes for all of the characters in the game!

Just because eight characters isn’t enough, Sony will be unveiling two brand new additions to the roster at EVO in Las Vegas this evening. We’re just as interested to see who Sony add to the character list as you, so as soon as we get word we’ll be sure to let you know. Please let Solid Snake be one of the characters, please!

Speaking of characters, the information doesn’t end there, as Sony has stated if you pre-order PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale you’ll get access to an exclusive set of costumes for all of the characters in the game. You can see a few of the alternative costumes below.

We previewed PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale based on our time with at E3, with early impressions not being so positive. You can click here to check out that preview now.

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