Sony Confirm Existence Of PSN Pass


Following the appearance of an image on a German forum called Konsolentreff, Sony have today confirmed their plans to introduce a “network pass program” alongside the release of Resistance 3.

Sony have stated the program will be “game-specific”, and will require the user to input a “single-use registration code” if they want to gain “full online access for that title”.

Quite a few publishers, like EA, have already introduced similar schemes where the user is required to enter a code to get full access to the online portion of a game, so in that respect this “network pass program” is nothing new.

Schemes like this have been introduced by publishers to deter gamers from purchasing second hand titles as, more often than not, they won’t come with the code you need to use to access online multiplayer.

What do guys think? Are you for or against online passes? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Source: VG247

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