Sony confirm ModNation Racers coming to the PSP


Up and coming Mario Kart meets Little Big Planet PS3 racing title, ModNation Racers will be coming to the PSP later on in 2010. Sony has confirmed that the title which is coming to the PS3 at some point in 2010 will also be getting its own outing on the PSP as well as the PS3.

“PSP owners will be able to get their hands on a PSP version of the game allowing you the same creative tools to make your mod, kart and tracks while you’re on the move/on holiday/at your grandparents house,” European product manager Liam Quigley stated.

“You will also be able to upload, download, remix and race creations by the PSP ModNation community, meaning ModNation PSP content will never get old. If you get bored of racing on your own then grab some mates and race against each other or go online and battle it out with six other players.”

Both version of ModNation Racers have not got an official release date as of yet but be sure to check back soon for any further details on the title.

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