Sony Confirm That GT5 Will Have Two Special Editions


During E3, Sony confirmed that a GT5 Special Edition would be released which would include a diecast Nissan GT-R Spec V in GT livery, a GT-branded key-chain, a certificate of authenticity, a code for five DLC cars and also of course, A copy of Gran Turismo 5 as well.

It sounded like a nice little collectors edition and we thought that was that but we were wrong as today it’s come out that there will be another Special Edition of GT5 being released as well, according to PlayStation India boss, Atindriya Bose. He stated the following when being interviewed by

“For GT5, there are two collector’s editions,” said Bose.

“One is the game plus some added content and collectibles, while the other is in a really big package with a lot of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game. It’s all car-related, but I’m unaware of the exact contents.”

Interesting stuff it must be said. 2 Special Edition versions of GT5 and we all know whats included in one special edition so it will be intriguing to find out what is incuded with the other special edition version. Maybe its a mega package of some sort? who knows. Im sure like us, all the fans of the GT series cant wait to find out exactly what is included.

Gran Turismo 5 is released on November 2nd in North America. No European release date has been announced as of yet.

Thanks to vg247 for the heads up.

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