Sony Confirms Closure Of Zipper Interactive


Sony has confirmed that Seattle-based developer, Zipper Interactive has closed.

Rumours have been circulating on the internet recently that the development studio that bought us the SOCOM series, MAG and more recently, Unit 13 on the PlayStation Vita will close and today, Sony confirmed that this was indeed the case with a statement that was sent by Sony to the guys over at Gameinformer with regard to the closure of the studio;

Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm the closure of Zipper Interactive, a Seattle-based internal game development studio that has been part of the global development operation of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS).

The closure is a result of a normal cycle of resource re-alignment within SCE WWS. Zipper has completed all work associated with its most recent project, Unit 13 for PlayStation Vita. Zipper titles MAG, SOCOM 4 and Unit 13 will continue to be supported, including the new Daily Challenges in Unit 13.

Source: Gameinformer.

What are your thoughts on the closure of Zipper Interactive? Are you sad that it has happened? Or do you think its time to move on? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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