UPDATE: Sony Deny Move Support For Heavy Rain


Sony has confirmed to Belgian games magazine Chief that Heavy Rain will work with PlayStation Move.

The magazine shows a number of games that will work with PlayStation Move. One of those games is Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain was released last month exclusively for PS3 The game plays like an interactive movie, a thriller with dark film-noir influences. Players follow the lives of four different characters.

The picture in question is shown below:

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To view the original article, which is in Dutch, click the following link: http://www.gamer.nl/nieuws/57281/sony-bevestigt-move-support-voor-heavy-rain


We reported earlier that a Belgian magazine, Chief, had reported that Move will be compatible with Heavy Rain.

We’ve just had an email from our contact at SCEE saying that the company “can’t comment”, but offering a little more information on the article, which was translated by Gamer.nl.

According to our contact, the team is unaware of where the story came from and “no one has ever confirmed this as far as we’re aware.”

Our contact assumes the magazine must have come to the conclusion as a reslut of the Tasidermist DLC which was included in the GDC assets, but separate to the Move software.

So, officially, Heavy Rain will not have Move support or compatibility. That’s the line from Sony.

Looks like Heavy Rain WILL NOT support Move, as of now anyways.

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