Sony explain "update issues" for the Playstation Store


SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) have explained the reasons why PS3 and PSP owners have to wait longer than expected for the weekly update that happens on the Playstation Store. have posted the article in which Sony’s Social Media Manager, Jeff Rubenstein explains for reason for this happening every week. Jeff stated –

The store updates are a huge endeavor (believe me, it’s all a whole lot more complicated than you’d think), and we’re on Pacific time.

They used to come out a bit earlier – but there was a whole lot less content back then. Take a look at the updates from late 07 or early 08 and compare them to now. I think another hour or two is worth it for all the extra stuff we get.

Although the article is aimed at the US market, it also applies for the European Playstation Store/s as well as the updates can happen at any point during the 2nd half of a Thursday. We have seen the store updated at different times during a Thursday since its launch back in 2006 but it seems that the majority of times its updated now, seems to be early evening.

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