Sony Move "Motion Fighter" renamed "The Fight: Lights Out"


It was called “Motion Fighter” when it was announced at GDC not so long ago but now the title has been confirmed as “The Fight: Light Out”. The producer for the work in progress Playstation Move title, John McLaughlin has confirmed this over on the official US Playstation Blog.

In the article, John talks about the game’s progress including the mo-cap for the game and explains exactly what The Fight: Lights Out is all about. The extract below makes the game sound fantastic and i for one, cant wait to give it a go!

We’ve conducted a ton of motion capture to ensure that every punch, every hit reaction, every dirty move and every hard-hitting knockout makes the player feel right in the thick of the action. So get ready to go blow-for-blow in the fight of your life because now, only with PS3 and the Playstation Move motion controller, you’ll be able to throw punches with total precision. Throw jabs, hooks and uppercuts any way you like, just as you would in real life. Duck, bob and weave in real-time with the Playstation Eye tracking your head movements.

Also released was a brand new “developer diary” video for the game showing exactly how the Playstation Move and the Playstation Eye work in tandem together to create what looks like a fantastic experience. Check it out below –

Thanks to the Official US Playstation Blog for the article.

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