Sony: No 3D Gaming as a Household Name till 2013?


With all the recent talk regarding 3D TV and how it’s going to take the world by storm, it seens that Sony doesn’t expect it to be a widespread medium in everyday lives till 2013. Ian Bickerstaff, senior engineer with Sony Computer Entertainment’s UK-based stereoscopic 3D has said the following on the matter –

“I think [3D gaming uptake is] going to depend on the uptake of 3D televisions. We’re not going to spend crazy, crazy amounts of money [on 3D games] expecting everyone tomorrow to have 3D TVs, clearly. But, we believe this is the future, and three or four years from now, you won’t be able to buy a television that doesn’t have a 3D capability.”

Also Wedbush Securities analyst Micahel Pachter has also said that he doesnt expect 3D gaming to be a everyday life format till 2013 either. He stated his opinions on the matter with –

“3D gaming is going to be limited by the adoption of 3D monitors in the household,” he told NowGamer. “That is something that is definitely coming, but likely not in a meaningful way until 2013 or later, so it dovetails nicely with the extension of the current cycle.  The next generation of consoles will likely have full 3D functionality.”

As much as i think 3D Gaming is a very exciting prospect (if done in the right way), ive always had my doubts at when this would be a mainstream medium due to the fact that only a small percentage will buy a 3D TV when they become widespread available due to the very high price tag that will be attached to one of these 3D sets. Anyway, we shall see.

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