Sony registers new ‘Motorstorm’ domain name


Kotaku recently posted an article stating that Sony have registered a new domain name for the Motorstorm series. The domain name – when visited takes you back to Sony’s official Playstation web site for the UK (or your region depending on where you live). Also in the article, it shows that the Motorstorm web address has been active since January 19th.

It’s not surprising that a new domain name for a highly successful series like Motorstorm has been registered though but it seems Sony are not giving much away which isn’t surprising. When Kotaku contacted Sony about the possibility of a new Motorstorm in the works they responded with the following quote –

“It’s not uncommon for us to secure the URLs containing the names of our successful IP, and those actions should not be interpreted as an announcement of a new title in a franchise.”

What we will say though is through our contacts/sources in the industry, we expect a new Motorstorm to hit in very early 2011 so expect big, big news very soon.

Motorstorm is a big first-party series for Sony so do we expect them to come out and say there isn’t a new game coming? It’s very unlikely let’s be honest here.

Thanks to Kotaku for the original article which can be found here –

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