Sony Reveals Playstation Move UK Pack Details and Pricing


Today, Sony announced UK pricing and details for their up and coming motion controller, the Playstation Move which launches this September in Europe. Pricing for the Playstation Move is very reasonable compared to Microsoft’s version of a motion control device, The Kinect which has come under heavy criticism from gamers for its ‘over the top’ pricing.

The motion controller comes in at £34.99 and the sub controller retails for £24.99. The Playstation Eye which can be used as well is priced the same as the sub controller at £24.99. Also Sony is releasing a ‘Starter Pack’ which includes the standard motion controller, the Playstation Eye and a starter disc which includes a tutorial on how everything works and various demos as well. The starter pack’s RRP is set at £49.99. The demos included on the starter disc are listed below –

  • Sports Champions
  • Start the Party!
  • The Shoot
  • EyePet: Move Edition
  • TV Superstars
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR ® 11 (English only)
  • echochrome ii (PSN title)
  • Tumble (PSN title)
  • Beat Sketchers (PSN title)

Also Sony has announced that the a normal DualShock 3 controller can be used instead of the sub controller if gamers prefer this method so the sub controller isnt a necessity. We must say, what you get for your cash is pretty damn good indeed. Top work, Sony.

Thanks to vg247.

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