Sony rise to the top in Japan


The hardware gaming charts in Japan for the week commencing February 15th have shown that Sony has had a very good week in Japan with both the PS3 and PSP topping the charts in hardware sales.

According to the article published by, the PSP hit top spot by selling 32,796 during that week and the PS3 selling 32,130 claiming 2nd spot in the hardware charts behind the PSP. Although the sales were not as great as they were the week before, it’s still a good sign that both of Sony’s main hardware machines are selling very well in the Far East.

The only downside for Sony is the fact that the PSP Go is not performing in the Far East just like it isn’t in Europe of North America but the chart proves that the PSP is a popular device but just not the ‘Go’ version. In my opinion there are a few reasons for this which are – price, no UMD slot and linked with the previous, the fact that you have to download games no matter what. If you don’t want to download titles then it’s an easy decision, don’t buy a PSP Go as a UMD drive version would be the better option. A newer version of the PSP needs to come soon and i personally think it will very soon indeed. Let’s hope so anyway as the Go isn’t the way to go.

Anyway that’s enough about my rant regarding the PSP Go, Here is the full Japanese hardware chart for the week commencing – February 15th through February 21st

  • PSP: 32,796 (39,293)
  • PS3: 32,130 (24,811)
  • Wii: 31,652 (37,501)
  • DSi LL: 24,388 (27,586)
  • DSi: 15,380 (18,082)
  • DS Lite: 5,053 (5,659)
  • Xbox 360: 2,453(3,428)
  • PS2: 1,883 (1,869)
  • PSP go: 1,371 (1,394)

Thanks to Adam from WENB/FSB for the heads up!

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