Sony Santa Monica dev team jump right back in


With God of War III finally a finished project for the guys at Sony Santa Monica and with a huge amount of hours, days, months and years developing what is one of the biggest titles that has been seen for a very long time, you would think that the development team at the Santa Monica studio would be about to take a well deserved break. How wrong were we! The God of War III team are about to start work on two new projects according to product development director at Sony Santa Monica, John Hight. In a video interview with MTV Multiplayer he explains all –

“We’re jumping right back in, I’ve got a small concept team working on our next product for us.

“We’re actually gonna do something different this time, we’re gonna have a short-term concept, a game that we hope to turn out.”

So when can we expect to hear of this new project?

“I’m not gonna say when.”

He also added –

“But then, we have a much longer term concept team going through, two teams going on at once.

“One with a kind-of long-range, ‘Here’s what we’re gonna do years down the road’, and then another one that’s, ‘Here’s what we’re gonna do as the very next project’.”

Interesting words indeed and one seems like a new IP and the other could well be God of War III DLC?. We shall see. To check out the video interview, click below –

Thanks to VG247 for the article.

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