Sony set to release a Playstation Smart Phone?


An article posted by the Wall Street Journal has stated that Sony are developing a series of handheld devices including a Smart Phone which will be capable to downloading and playing Playstation titles. Also mentioned in the article it states that Sony will try to compete against Apple’s iPad and release a device that will feature a netbook, an e-reader and a PSP built into one system. Interesting.

Although this hasn’t been confirmed by Sony as of yet, rumour has it that these devices will be launched in 2010 according to the Wall Street Journal.

To see the original article from the Wall Street Journal click here and also Kotaku’s take on it as well, click here.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this and if anything does, but i agree with Kotaku’s take on the PSP situation at present as it seems that the PSP is struggling with sales so this could be the lifeline that Sony needs to bring the PSP back to life.

More of this as we get it.

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