Sony To Announce A PS3 Price Drop At Gamescom 2011?


There has been tons of speculation flying around the internet for some time now with regards to Sony dropping the price of the PS3 at some point towards the latter end of this year. Various websites have been reporting that the latest rumour is that Sony will reveal the price drop at Gamescom 2011 which takes place in Cologne, Germany this coming August. Industry insiders are claiming that the PS3’s new price will come in with a RRP of £199.99 price tag but that various retailers will be selling the newly priced hardware for as little as £179.99. If this does happen then it can only be a good thing for us as consumers.

Of course, Sony have not said much on the matter other than that it ‘doesn’t comment on rumour or speculation’ but with the gaming market being hit hard and with sales down for some time, a price cut in the PS3’s hardware would make sense to give the market a boost and in turn see the likes of Microsoft and Nintendo being super competitive against Sony as well. All in all, a win-win situation for us gamers.

NGB will have representatives on the show floor at Gamescom in August and we will of course bring you all the latest developments if Sony does indeed announce this price cut in Cologne.

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