Sony to Present Motion Controller at next months GDC


Motion Control is the next step in the evolution of the PlayStation Brand, and even in gaming in general. It opens up whole new ways to play games. Although some might say the Wii has already done it, they may be right, the Wii did revolutionize gaming and really introduced motion controlled gaming. But the Wii lacks any attraction for hardcore gamers, rather it offers more for the younger gamers and families with its cartoonish graphics and lack of any game that really utilizes the concept of motion control. Thats where the PlayStation Motion Controller steps in. It gives you anything the Wii can but with HD graphics and far more accurate and effective motion control. Also with plans to update older games to be integrated with motion control and with new games being developed, the PlayStation 3 will offer a huge library of games to play using the Motion Controller.

Not only does it open up a whole new approach to gaming, its an important step for Sony in the battle with Nintendo in terms of console sales. Like i stated above, the PS3 will offer everything the Wii can do but with so much more.

Anyway, we will be learning more about the hardware when Sony presents it in an hour session at next months Game Developer Conference (GDC), the presentation is titled “Introducing the PlayStation 3 Motion Controller” .

Be sure to check it out as we are bound to learn some important info regarding the Motion Control, such as a new name, release date etc…

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