Sony to rename 'Arc' Motion Controller?


Recently all over the internet, the PS3 motion controller has had the name ‘Arc’ tagged with it but we have been told info from contacts in the industry to suggest otherwise and that the name ‘Arc’ will not be the final name for the up and coming PS3 motion controller and Sony are renaming it completely.

You heard it here first!

At the moment, the motion controller (as we will call it for now!) has been rumoured to be called the ‘Arc’ for quite a while but dont you believe it!. Stay tuned for more on this as we get it and once the news becomes available, we will keep you all updated.

To be totally honest, ill be happy if Sony do indeed change the name of the motion controller as since the so called name ‘Arc’ was rumoured, ive never really liked it at all anyway. It just doesnt sound right. Anyway keep checking back for more news on this when we get it and if you fancy discussing this on the forums, click the link –

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