Sony Unveils the PS4 Pro and Slimmer PS4


Sony today announced the PS4 Pro, and a redesigned “base” PS4, launching later this year.

Promising to be more powerful, and bringing 4k gaming to the console space, the PS4 Pro will launch on November 10th at £349.

The redesigned PS4 will launch next week on the 15th of September, at £259.

Both consoles will come with a slightly redesigned dual shock 4 controller, which has a light strip along the top of the touch pad. The new PS4 drops the optical port from the back of the console.

The PS4 Pro has been confirmed to have a GPU that runs at 4.20TF, which is much more powerful than the current 1.84TF processor in the standard PS4.

Andrew House and Mark Cerny took to the stage to announce that, whilst people with 4k TVs would benefit from new technologies such as HDR and 4k, those with 1080p sets would also benefit from improved performance in many of their current games, as long as they get patched by developers to take advantage of the new system.

Will you be picking up a PS4 Pro? Let us know in the comments below and check out our PS4 Pro Podcast!

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