Sony's Jeff Rubenstein Talks Killzone 3 with Guerrilla Games


With the recent news surrounding the internet over the news that Killzone 3 is currently in development by Dutch developers, Guerrilla Games, plenty of little pieces of info have been coming out regarding the 2010 FPS be it from the news that the game will give gamers the option to play in 3D or the fact that the game has been improved in every way possible to make it an even better experience than Killzone 2 and to add even more Killzone 3 to the fire, an interview hosted by Sony’s Jeff Rubenstein with Guerrilla Games Senior Producer, Steven Ter Heide has been posted on Sony’s Official US Playstation Blog.

In the interview, Steven Ter Heide talks about various topics with regards to Killzone 3 including how his team started to develop Killzone 3 straight away after they finished the fantastic, Killzone 2. Also they talk about how fan requests were important to the game and also how everything from graphics to combat has been improved in a very big way for the 3rd instalment in the Killzone series. Also if you look in the background of the video interview you can clearly see Killzone 3 playing in the background and it really does look amazing, even at this early stage!.

Check out the interview below-

Thanks to the Official US Playstation Blog for the article.

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