Soul Sacrifice Debut Trailer


Following yesterday’s announcement, Sony has today unveiled the first trailer for the PlayStation Vita exclusive, Soul Sacrifice.

The action-horror title developed by Kenji Inafune (former Capcom designer and Mega Man creator) places you in the virtual shoes of  a sorcerer’s slave who faces sacrifice before a demonic ‘Golam Book’. Just the usual, nothing out of the ordinary story then!

According to Andriasang’s translation of Famitsu, the coolest part of the game is its magic system. Apparently, you have to make sacrifices to get magic powers, and the bigger the sacrifice, the more powerful the magic. You can sacrifice pretty much anything, even the rocks and trees around you. Not everything is simple though, as if you use the ability too much it will eventually cost you your human form, turning you into a demon. Oh dear!

This looks like a very interesting game from a talented Japanese developer, and hopefully another great reason to own a Vita. Check out the trailer below, and be sure to let us know what you think.


Soul Sacrifice is set to hit the PlayStation Vita in Japan this coming Winter.

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