SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul Out Now via App Store


Bandai Namco have today announced the launch of SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul on the App Store.

The free-to-play title is available for the  iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The SoulCalibur mobile title will see players experience a high-fidelity 3D world of mind blowing combat, all with the touch of a single finger. The revamped battle system melds ease of use with lighting action. This original title uses a cutting edge engine fully optimized for iOS to deliver SoulCalibur fans amazingly smooth gameplay and gorgeous graphics.

The game sees new chapters of the Eternal Tale unfold through the franchise’s signature storytelling, as players acquire powerful weapons and avatars to aid them on their quest. Follow Cassandra and the Edge Master in search of fragments of the dreaded blade, Soul Edge. There are an impressive 150 characters on the roster, and players can mix and match with more than 200 weapons to forge an invincible deck like no other.

Players will combine cards to create new powerful moves, with weapons that span the 5 elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Light & Dark. Compete in heated PVP mode, deck against deck, in intense ranked battles. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the game via the comment section below.

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