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South American Journo Tweets PES 2011!


Finally, a journalist over in Tokyo has finally started to elude to some impressions about the PES 2011 playtest!

Going by the name of Penpas, who we believe comes from Brazil, has given us some updates in his twitter account. Here’s some on the more juicy info (via google translate)

The day at Konami was very good and I am amazed at PES 2011, the game is fantastic and has many differences from the previous game.

They really redid everything. The unfinished version of the game was only as the international team to play the Libertadores, but it was cool!

Tomorrow is the round of interviews. I took many photos and did a lot of videos but I can only reveal further ahead.

And one to get us all jealous:

To close the day we dined with “Seabass and his team at # Gonpachi Japanese restaurant where he was shot one scene of # KillBill

Happy days 😉 Huge thanks to Bigol for the heads up.


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