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Spanish XBOX Ed Backs PES 2011 To Impress


A huge thanks to the community again for grabbing some excellent piece of info, particularly spanish site Eltrolado, jjoseca, and elrussi.

The editor of Spanish magazine XB Player, Carlos Bonilla, tweeted about visiting Konami to see their 2010 line up. He then posted a very positive take on the PES 2011 presentation. Translated, he said:

Good presentation of Konami. PES 2011 could give FIFA what it deserves!

It’s a big statement, in my opinion, in respect to how the press are head over heels for the FIFA series right now. This current climate means Konami must expect negativity, and this positivity is perhaps not what we expected.

With PES 2011 now in the wild, expect more news to hit soon…

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