Split/Second: New 'Making Of' Video Released


Some news on a game that the Playstation Gaming Blog is looking forward to, Split/Second, today we bring you a new ‘making of’ video, in which they talk about ‘Powerplays’

The latest “Making of” video from Disney Interactive features the Black Rock Studios team talking about the main hook of Split/Second, “Powerplays.”  Powerplays are events that can be triggered by the racer to take out other racers on the track or create shortcuts.

The events that you trigger with Powerplays are huge events like buildings toppling, planes crashing, and stuff just blowing up.  Some of these events are massive as they take place over a mile of the track.  Powerplays will also cause each race to be different and unique as the destruction involved will create different strategies according to when they happen and who triggers them.

Split/Second releases on May 18 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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