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It’s the RPG event you’ve all been waiting. Yes, that’s right, Dragon Age: Inquisition is here. It’s available on the Xbox One as of 21st November.

Relations between Mages and the Templars are at an all time low, dragons cast a shadow over the land and there are demons swarming everywhere courtesy of strange rifts. Welcome to Thedas. It’s up to you and your allies to restore order, slay the roaming demons and close the rifts in the process.  No pressure. 

Featuring a huge, multi-region open world for you to explore, Dragon Age: Inquisition will take you to lush forests, snow-peaked mountains, and more as you rid Thedas of evil. Powered by the fantastic Frostbite 3 engine, Inquisition will provide you eye candy aplenty. Just make sure you don’t get distracted by the splendour as you take on the demons… It won’t end well.

In typical, awesome BioWare fashion the path you take in the epic adventure will be entirely up to you. As the leader of the group, there will be plenty of tough decisions to make, with each and every one impacting the world around you. Yes, your choices will have consequences, so think carefully before you decide.

All of the above is tied together by a deep and engaging story, featuring some great characters and unique personalities. Familiar faces, legendary warriors and newbies, you’ll meet them all as you travel across the world of Thedas. Some will join you and others will battle against you, but that’s what makes Dragon Age: Inquisition so interesting. Your journey is exactly that… Yours.

Thedas, it’s a truly wonderful world. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the awesome trailer below.

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This post has been sponsored by EA, but all thoughts are our own.

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