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Set to be released for the PC on June 19th, The Secret World puts players into a modern-day world where every myth, legend and conspiracy theory is true, and where secret societies pull the strings of entire governments from the shadows. Players get to travel the world – from New York to London and from Egypt to Transylvania – as they fight the evil that has infiltrated myths and folklore for centuries.

The Secret World is consistently mentioned as one of the most anticipated MMOs in development, breaking new grounds and genre conventions by introducing a modern-day setting, a story-focused MMO experience, and a freeform progression system using no classes and no levels.

More than 750,000 gamers are now registered as beta testers, which is significantly higher than Funcom’s previous MMO Age of Conan had at the same point in development. Impressively, Funcom expects the number of beta registrations to grow significantly in the coming months.

Those looking to join the beta test can sign up via the official site. You can also pre-order the game now.

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Disclaimer: This article has been sponsored by EA, but all opinions expressed are that of the Next-Gen Gaming Blog.


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