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Squad Update: Early Details


Thanks to an interview with Producer Matthew Smith on the latest FIFA 11 Podcast, we’ve been given an insight to some of the changes we can expect when the Squad update hits our consoles on the 23rd of February.

After the update the top 4 rated players: will look like this:

Messi – 90, Casillas – 89, Ronaldo – 89, Villa – 88.

Rooney and Drogba have been marginally reduced, joining many other players now rated at 87.

Other changes to the EPL, Unsurprisingly Gareth Bale has been upgraded from 81 to 83, Charlie Adam up to 78 from 74, and Andy Carroll moves from 74 to 79.

Elsewhere in Europe, Dortmund duo get big boost with Kagawa up from 75 to 78 and  Gotze up from 70 to 78 and Christian Eriksen goes up from 71 to 75.

Chelsea are the top rated EPL club at 83 OVR, followed by Man Utd on 82, Arsenal and Man City on 81, and Liverpool and Spurs on 80.

Outside of the Premier League Real Madrid and Barcalona are the highest rated clubs on 83 OVR, then Inter Milan 82, Bayern Munich 81 and AC Milan 80.

Obviously these aren’t the only changes we will see in the update, but it’s nice to get a cheeky peek at what to expect.

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