Star Wars Battlefront II beta goes public


You beta believe it!

The Star Wars Battlefront II beta goes live for everyone today letting us sample a slice of that sweet Star Wars pie before it releases on November 17th.

The public beta will be playable from 9am (BST) this morning through till 5pm Monday, 9th October, whilst those who pre-ordered the game have had access since Wednesday this week. It’s not going to be a light package either as the beta includes 4 game modes spanning over 3 maps:

  • Galactic Assault – Naboo
    The main game mode from Battlefront II pits teams of 20 against one another in the capital of Naboo. For the first time you’ll be able to play as the prequel soldiers; Droids and Troopers, and with Galactic Assualt you’ll be able to call in support, jump into vehicles and play as heroes.
  • Starfighter Assault – Fondor
    Like Galactic Assault teams of 20 battle it out for supremacy, however, in Starfighter Assault the battle takes to the skies. This game mode features the classic Rebel/Empire feud with attack and defends type gameplay. Heroes will also be available in Starfighter Assault allowing you to finally get behind the wheel(?) of the Millenium Falcon.
  • Strike – Takodana
    Strike is a smaller game mode featuring teams of 8 with no vehicles or heroes. It also brings the modern era of Star Wars into play allowing players to fight as the First Order troopers or Resistance fighters in the grounds around Maz Kanata’s castle.
  • Arcade – Naboo
    Arcade will allow you to play solo in Theed, the capital of Naboo, and focuses more on single player challenges rather than the all-out warfare seen in the Assault modes.

Not only that but the beta will also include daily challenges for you to complete starting with Arcade challenges today and moving through the other game modes over the remainder of the beta period. If all of that wasn’t enough, all players participating in the beta will receive a loot crate for the final game and as everyone knows, gamers love a loot crate system!


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