Star Wars: Galactic Warfare


Star Wars fans please clench tightly because the following news may cause you to empty your bladder instantaneously due to excitement. have just released their Star Wars total conversion mod for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and it looks very good.

Way back in 2009, a simple Star Wars blaster weapon re-model ignited a chain reaction of mod ideas over at Black Monkeys. After releasing teaser trailers, a huge shock wave of excitement rippled through the stomachs of online FPS’ers across the globe. However after this initial burst of hysteria, the project slipped from the minds of many (myself included) into the gaping maw of the internet. Thankfully Black Monkeys continued their fantastic work on the mod over the past couple of years, racking up nearly 1 million YouTube visitors and 75,000 beta downloads, and after watching the below video we are very glad they did:


The download link for the mod can be found here.

The mod boasts an impressive seven maps (Mos Eisley, Bespin, Bestine, Not a Cave, Jundland, Junland Dusk, and Anchorhead), weapons, armor and Star Wars’y killstreaks! Don’t forget to check out the stunning GTA IV mod posted previously!

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